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TO BE… TO BE the nature, TO BE natural, TO BE yourself, TO BE the earth, its abundance and its substances…. Come and discover the organic vegetable garden maintained by Laurie Gornes who respects the lunar rhythm of the soft homes of the grace Thalie..

Dear guests,

Take time out a few moments, leave you guide by telling the story of this garden, “Le Jardin de la fleur d’Abondance”.

Each place has its own garden trace, a garden which has been, which will be, wild stock or careful.

A place can be harmonious, neutral, or also unbalanced and its particular character will bring our wellness, our detachment or our awkward.

This welcome place for wellness, le Mas d’Aglaé, share its impressiveness view, so opened on the beauty and the light of the Luberon.

Our regard isn’t limited, free, and gives you the fully feeling of breathing, a replacement of astonishment over the seasons.

The garden gives you a reflexion, of being welcoming, generous, ready to share its secrets and its benefits and give you new horizons.

Its flower design with eight petals gives it an unusual character but there is also a depth and a real sense in its shape.

Its design sets in motion a new energy that asked to be wake up by the sacred geometry and a consciousness direction. Its underlying message is the harmony, tranquillity, the beauty and the abundance.

This garden has the germs of a real partnership between the human and the nature. It’s a bearer of deep values where the respect of the living being is dominating.

The cultural style is based on the founding principles of the permaculture design.

The earth is regarded like a being concept. The micro-organic life is highlighted with a natural ground, with a healthy and natural soil enrichment product, the straw-mulching, the culture rotations, and a good association of plants, who is not exposed to chemicals and insecticide products. So that the ground feeds the plants and give it this real flavour, an authentic souvenir.

Plantations, between sky and earth, are done in connection with cosmic influences, like the position of the moon, planetary movements, eclipses….

This garden in collaboration with a space.

Combination with the instructor of the project, the owner of this place, Mrs Lauferon, between the head chef and a gardener where instincts, audacity and designs are mingled.

Combination with the gardener and her plants where flowers and vegetables go together, aromatic and medicinal plants in viewing astute associations.

Combination between plants and theirs demanding nature.

Combination between the generous nature and you.

As the humans, plants are human beings, with different personalities, who talk together. The science finally gives the proof.

Some with a lone sign will need more space for showing their beauty while others are more sociable will benefit to live with other plants.

Open this space of humbleness in our mind to regard this intelligence of the Nature, of the Life…

Live here! Walk around and let yourself be charmed by the “Abundance Flower”.

Let be transported by the veins of the Earth and guide in the discovery trails.

Walk with the alert senses.

Breathe the spiced perfume of a delicate flower.

Caress the velvet of a hemmed leaf, stuff yourself with colours, light…

Hear without fear the buzzing sing of useful insects and peaceful.

Dare the crisp, the soft, the spine…

Dare the gustative adventure and taste the benefit of a vegetable, a fresh fruit from the tree.

Find again a sensory souvenir of the picker, this natural pleasure and the conscious harmony of what surrounds you.

And finally, relax yourself in the peaceful place that it offers to you, where the time stops letting everybody to come out in his own time…. such a flower.